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Candle Accessory Set

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Get the most from your candles with the help of our stunning new Candle Accessory Sets.

Complete with a steel wick trimmer, snuffer, wick dipper and custom made velvet storage bag so you never lose them! 


To make the most of this set, here's how to use each tool:

The Trimmer - easily trim wicks before & after burning to the recommended 5mm for optimum burning.

The Snuffer - smother an active flame by simply placing the bell end of the snuffer on top and watch the flame disappear!

The Dipper - use the dipper to gently push the wick & flame into the melted wax pool for a smoke-free end.    (If you are easily put off by the smoke produced from blowing out a candle, we recommend this method for you!)

The Bag - handmade by us, use this beautiful soft velvet bag to keep all your tools together or for travel.