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Car Diffuser

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Keep your car smelling on point at all times with our range of Car Diffusers. Keep the scent lasting for months & months with our Home & Car Fragrance Oils, specifically designed for refilling our Car Diffusers.



Simply put the fibre reed included with your car diffuser into the fragrance oil and pop screw the lid back on. It's as simple as that! The fibre reed will draw the oil into the lid so it can be evenly dispersed throughout your car. No need to tip the diffuser to the side, reducing the likelihood of spills.

If a spill does occur, wipe clean before putting diffuser back into your car.


Scent lasts approximately 2-4 months.

We do not recommend leaving your diffuser in direct sunlight & temperatures exceeding 30 degrees as this will increase the amount of fragrance consumed & the chance of leaking.

Do not over-tighten the lid. This may compromise the glass and cause breakage.

Wipe any spills immediately with warm soapy water. The fragrance oil can cause damage if spilled.

Do not drink fragrance oil. Do not apply to skin.

*Use at your own risk. We do not take any responsibility for any damage or injury caused from misuse.

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