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Reed Diffuser

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Our Reed Diffusers are the perfect choice for long-term house fragrancing. Each 200ml diffuser comes with 5 x 20cm Fibre reeds for enhanced performance.

Lasts a minimum of 10 months. Turn reeds every month for optimum performance or when you need a burst of fragrance.


*When ordering diffusers to be shipped:

Diffuser jars and reeds will be shipped without a box to save you excessive shipping costs and assist in packaging glass thoroughly. Choosing this method, we can also keep your diffuser upright to minimise any chance of leaking or breakage during transit.


We do not recommend leaving your diffuser in direct sunlight & temperatures exceeding 30 degrees as this will increase the amount of fragrance consumed & the chance of leaking.

Do not over-tighten the lid. This may compromise the glass and cause breakage.

Wipe any spills immediately with warm soapy water.

Do not drink fragrance oil. Do not apply to skin.

*Use at your own risk. We do not take any responsibility for any damage or injury caused from misuse